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  • Learning from which you have not experienced is no lesson at all, only a direction from which to learn. - © 2005, Gavin Landon
  • Free think as you will, however, if you don't conform to the masses, your an idiot or crazy? - © 2010, Gavin Landon
  • It's easier to say, "I'm lazy and write programs to do my job" than to say, "you're inefficient". - © 2013, Gavin Landon
  • Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. - Aristotle
  • There is a big difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. - Potter Stewart
  • An expert is he who has failed the most and knows by experience what doesn't work. - © 2005, Christina Gonzalez
  • A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and quietly strangled - Winston Churchill
  • 04/10/2011 - By Chizl ( Kill Switch is my biker name )
    2011 Ponte Vedra Chamber Car Show, came out to be a nice show.
    04/09/2011 - By Chizl ( Kill Switch is my biker name )
    If you've not been to Leesburg for Bikefest, then you much check it out.
    03/05/2011 - By Chizl ( Kill Switch is my biker name )
    Few guys and I went to Daytona for Bike Week
    03/03/2011 - By Chizl ( Kill Switch is my biker name )
    I'm in the Saint Augustine HOG Group and we did a trip up to White Springs, FL to eat at The Telford.
    02/27/2010 - By Chizl
    It's been a while I know, usually on facebook or working. Want to say gratz to my brother and hiw wife on new baby boy Jacob.
    09/11/2009 - By Chizl
    This year, we did kind of what we did last year and helped clean up and repair a firehouse. Here are some of the photos (237.3MB) which also made the channel 11 news here in Dallas (14.7MB).
    06/06/2009 - By Chizl
    About 5 years ago, I had this old keyboard that I never touched and my oldest daughter started playing on. I was happy to see her get an interest into something so I bought her an old Yamaha off of eBay. She dabbled, but then about a year ago she just started coming up with all kinds of music. She hadn't had piano lessons so she didn't know how to read or write music. Last Christmas my wife and I bought her a brand new piano. Ouch! the cost. Anyway, we signed her up for piano lessons which she hated every minute of, but she loves to play. She quickly quit lessones so she still can't read or write music, but still plays hours every day. I recorded some of her stuff last week and threw it all into one video. I uploaded it to Hope you like..
    04/27/2009 - By Chizl (Updated: 05/24/2009)
    Had a co-worker that had a kid working on getting his Eagle scout title and to do so he needed to manage some charity work. So 20 or so of us chipped in and scrapped and repainted an old Marine house.
    You can download the pictures here. - (46.6MB) - (216MB) - (87.1MB) - (16MB)
    Again thanx to Derek and his photography skills.
    10/05/2008 - Does iDance have a future? - By Chizl
    Ok, if you haven't heard of iDance (English Version) it's a pretty cool. I've been watching it for about 6 months now and I'm impressed, yet I'm not 100% sure how much can be done, because I'm a cheap skate and don't want to pay for it. It allows you to create your own characters and make them dance to different types of music. The problem is figuring out how to make your own moves. I think it's something you have to pay for, but until I know that I'm not paying for something I can't test. However with the existing moves and chars in the program, I'm created the following.
    YouTube Version | WMV (1920x1080) Version
    09/20/2008 - Updated Woodworking - By Chizl
    Updated the Woodworking Page. Added a Hope Chest which I've designed up for my girls.
    09/19/2008 - Started a blog - By Chizl
    Not that any one cares, but hopefully someone understands.
    09/11/2008 - Freedom Day Event - By Chizl
    Well to follow up with what we did for FreedomDay 2007 - (773MB), this year Station 43 Firehouse in Dallas got a make over. We did quite a bit there, painting, built a hang over for the back porch, built an office, painted some more, cleaned out the bomb shelter and put up dry wall.. Always feels good to do something for others. Ouch, I'm sore! - (406MB) of high quality images, thanks to Derek.
    08/29/2008 - Development Update - By Chizl
    Added Threaded Logger under CSharp on the Development Page.
    08/28/2008 - That's it, I'm running for president - By Chizl
    08/21/2008 - Development Update - By Chizl
    Added T-SQL to the Development Page.
    08/20/2008 - Woodworking is up and running - By Chizl
    Added the Woodworking Page. There are only two designs I've got up on the site, but more to come.
    08/18/2008 - Development is now up and running - By Chizl
    Added The full development Page. With over 15 development languages under my belt, I'll be adding more at a later time. I have so much code to go through and make sure I'm not uploading the wrong things.
    08/16/2008 - Getting the Website up and running - By Chizl
    My new ISP did a major Goof and told me they had static IP's and after I moved they told me they didn't. So I had to relocate all my domains to the 3rd party so please check out my hosting provider for the best deal I could find on the Internet.